Providing you with excellence!

North West French Bulldogs is moving to Tennessee in the fall of 2022, so my new Kennel Name is PRESTIGIOUS K9, since I will no longer be in the PNW. 

If you are interested in a well bred Cane Corso or French Bulldog and have any questions about my small breeding program or about a pup or dog that is available, feel free to call 360-306-1954


North West French Bulldogs is located in Bellingham, Washington, north of Seattle, Washington.   I am moving to Nashville Tennessee in the fall of 2022 under the new name PRESTIGIOUS FRENCH BULLDOGS & CANE CORSO'S

My primary objective when breeding is to produce the best quality dogs in health, structure and conformation with a splash of color.  I now x-ray the trachea's of all the dogs in my breeding program, so I produce dogs that are not exercise intolerant or have BOAS issues like the countless dogs being produce by backyard breeders, who do not breed with Purpose, they breed solely to produce pups.   It is this attention to detail in my small breeding program that produces a superior pup that is "BEYOND THE STANDARD" .

All my dogs live in my home, are a "BIG part of my family" and are spoiled with love and attention every day.

When my girls have a litter, the pups are whelped beside my bed and monitored 24 hours a day. Training starts at birth with lots of handling and as they grow, we get more involved in desensitizing, obedience and house training.

My pups go to the very best pet homes that are looking for quality before quantity.


Before you decide to bring a North West Mastiff into your family whether it be the frenchie or cane corso, please think very honestly about the amount of time, commitment and resources you have to dedicate to a new four legged FAMILY MEMBER for the next 15 years! Puppies are like children and require A LOT of care, exercise, training and love. Owning either of these breeds is expensive! Everything costs more for a big dog: food, crates, bedding, medicine, veterinary care, toys, and when they chew on something with their large sharp teeth, it will most likely be destroyed in seconds. Puppies can have health issues just like children and when these breeds age, like any elderly person, they will need medical care to help them through their twilight years. Please understand the commitment you are taking on and don't take this commitment lightly, your new family member will be relying on you to love and provide for  them until the very end and will love you with every ounce of their being in return.